Achieve the best results with our wide variety of speech & debate events!

Speech Events

Individual Events (Speech or IE) Judging Instructions


A five minute speech with two minutes of preparation.


Students deliver a seven minute memorized speech crafted in thirty minutes regarding domestic (DX) or international (IX) policy.

Original Oratory

Competitors deliver an original, memorized, speech on a subject of their choosing, though the speech must be factual.


A memorized speech regarding any topic the student wishes. Visual aids will be used in the form of boards.


Using a play, short story, or other published work, students perform a selection of one or more portions of a piece up to ten minutes in length. Can be done with more than one person.

Debate Events

*Individual Debate Events


Judging Instructions
An impromptu debate event where teams have twenty minutes to prepare for a ~fourty minute round. Topics vary from STEM to domestic/international policy.

Public Forum

Judging Instructions
A fourty minute prepared partner debate with new topics every month about current events.


Judging Instructions
A one-on-one prepared debate with rotating topics. Students will debate regarding morality, value criterion, and the fundamentals of philosophy. Rounds involve cross examination.


Judging Instructions
A simulation of congress where students where mock legislatures are discussed and then voted on. Multiple students compete in the same House. Points are awarded based on speaking skills.